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When we take into prayer what we see, what we know, what remains hidden from us, we put everything in God's hands.

We keep silence after every intention.

We ask God:

Today, on the 3rd Sunday of Advent, we think of the children.

They get to know a world that we would love to spare them and ourselves.

But their laughter is so contagious that the shadows that lurk over our days flee.

- Silence.

Today we think of the elderly in the homes.

They have to accept restrictions.

Sometimes even visits are scary.

A great deal of uncertainty is spreading.

But when they smile, the carers are happy too.

Today we think of the people who work in intensive care units.

They fight death for others.

They suffer particularly when they can no longer help.

They have to hide their friendliness behind masks.

 - Silence.

Today we think of the politicians.

Many expectations rest on them.

They cannot meet them.

There is also criticism from all sides.

You mustn't make mistakes.

They always have to be friendly.

- Silence.

Today we think of business people and innkeepers.

The lockdown is troubling them and their employees.

Many are afraid of not making it.

Many a life's work is in danger.

Nevertheless, they even encourage others.

- Silence.

Today, on the 3rd Sunday of Advent, we command you all people, their stories, worries, and pains.

And we also command our lives to you, our families, friends, colleagues, and neighbors.

Let the light grow between us.

Like the light on our Advent wreaths.

Give us the kind of joy that we can share.

In Christ our Lord.