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Dear Members of Freinds of All Saints e.V.:

As was announced at our meeting on October 9, we had planned to have our Annual General Membership meeting next month in December. Because the announcement MUST be made two weeks in advance, we are now informing you officially that it will take place on December 11 after Mass around 11:15. The agenda for the meeting is attached to this mail as a pdf file.

Unfortunately the upcoming Berlin re-run of local elections has made it very unlikely that we will receive an offer from the Bürgermeisterin Schellenberg until next spring. This is mildly upsetting, but gives us more time to think carefully and plan future strategy.

If you care about our community, it is very important to come on December 11. We will try to make the meeting as brief as possible. The Board needs your approval to start the process, together with the Protestant Faith Fellowship, of forming a foundation (Stiftung) that would be entitled and empowered to raise money to pay for necessary repairs to our church, most importantly the roof. This will require committing our own money from the All Saints Fund up front to get started, and over time we will need to feed the foundation with continuous fundraising, both in Germany and in the US. We need to do this before the Bezirk will make us a long-term leasehold offer on the facility.

Remember to bring your 5 EUR dues if you haven't paid up yet for 2022, so we can register you for the following year and to give you voting rights. Again, please be so kind to respond to me if you are no longer a member of All Saints so I can remove you from our mailing list - naturally, it would be MUCH better if you sent a positive response, giving us hope to see you at Sunday Mass in the future!

1. Minutes of the last meeting AGM on December 4
2. Income statement/financial report, Jahresabschluss for 2021
3. Entlastung des Vorstands
4. Replacement of Johannes Ploog on the Board
5. Decision to start the process of starting a foundation ("Berlin Community Chapel Stiftung”) – with a commitment of FoAS up to 5 EURO
6. Political situation // Decisions // Letter to the Ambassador // Status of negotiations with Bezirk
7. Other miscellaneous business arising

Thank you and God bless.

Michael Burda, Chairman, Friends of All Saints e.V.

thank you 944086 640At the recent Annual General Membership meeting it was noted that our long-time church secretary and board member, Heide Dobelhofer had tendered her resignation. We appreciate all the time and effort Heide has given to our community over the years and wish her the very best.

Lupita Wilhelm also has stepped down from the FoAS board. We thank Lupita for her service.

During elections at the AGM Jost Ruckeis and Johannes Ploog were elected to serve as new members of the board.

Postponed Meeting announcement:

Head of the board of the All Saints Association is Prof. Dr. Michael Burda, elected in 2018, along with Michael D. Hoth, Heide Doblhofer and Eddie McGreal. After the resignation of Lupita Wilhelm in Feb. 2020, the board nominated Dipl. Ing. Jost Rückeis as her successor, pending confirmation by the membership.

As you know we rely on your continued loyalty and support – especially in these difficult times. Thus, we encourage you to take part in the membership meeting planned for 14th March, 2021 after mass (postponed since November 2020 due to the pandemic). The agenda will consist of the following:

  1. Report on the current state of negotiations with the Berlin Senate and the Bezirksamt Steglitz-Zehlendorf on the status of the Berlin Community Chapel (BCC)
  2. Financial situation of All Saints and the BCC
  3. Election of Jost and possibly other candidates, and reelection of Eddie and Heide to the Board
  4. Miscellaneous items arising

The future of our congregation depends on the active support of our members! To renew or begin your membership (one per family), we would kindly ask you to pay the 5€ membership fee, either by putting it in an envelope with your name, address, telephone number and email at church, or by transferring the sum to the ASC bank account:

Friends of All Saints e.V.

DE15 3706 0193 6001 6690 18


If you have already given donations to the church this year using the ASC envelope with your name written on it, this can be considered as your membership fee.

We thank you all for your continued support and cooperation and hope to return to our former levels of spiritual strength and fellowship once the pandemic is over.

Best regards,

Michael Burda, Michael Hoth, Ediie McGreal, Heide Doblhofer, Jost Rückeis  (Board of the Friends of All Saints)