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The All Saints Catholic Community is based on the principle that we, the Community, willingly take on all the responsibilities of running our own Community and supporting our Celebrants. The All Saints Coordinators guide groups of volunteers in meeting our needs and those of our Celebrants. Please volunteer to help that group to which you feel you can most contribute. Contact the All Saints Coordinator responsible for the group.

You can make a tax-deductible donation via our bank account (see below), our ALL SAINTS FUND envelopes or by handing it directly in our Hüttenweg office. Your much appreciated financial and moral support is vitally important for the continued existence and development of the All Saints Catholic Community at Hüttenweg 46. Thank you!

Friends of All Saints Verein – IBAN: DE15 3706 0193 6001 6690 18 BIC: GENODED1PAX, Pax-Bank eG

Members of the All Saints Catholic Community make up the Association known as Friends of All Saints. It is a corporate entity that has leased the parish facilities from the District of Zehlendorf, which inherited it from the American Military in September, 1994. The Friends of All Saints signed a ten-year lease with the District of Zehlendorf and intends to operate the facility or purchase it by 2014. In order to further secure our presence at Hüttenweg we will call on your financial support and your volunteer service. The envelopes contained in the missalettes, stamped “Friends of All Saints” are used to designate contributions to the Association. Your undesignated contributions go to the Archdiocese or to worthy purposes as designated by the Archdiocese of Berlin.

It is the expressed purpose of the Friends of All Saints to be an English-language community open to all. In addition to the Catholic Community this facility is home to the Protestant Faith Fellowship, which worships here at 12:00 on Sundays; the Crossway International Baptist Church, which worships at 14:00 on Sundays; as well as to a variety of English-language community activities, including Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, VFW, and an English Montessori pre-school. Some groups pay no rent, but provide voluntary service in exchange for meeting space. The Boy Scouts, for example, do yard work. The range of service will gradually be expanded as the community grows and will become an integral part of the Zehlendorf and Berlin scenes. Our facilities are available for rent for private purposes.

It has been a long uphill struggle to gain control of Hüttenweg 46, but the rewards have already surpassed the tribulations. Our community has a great future and we welcome you to be a part of it.

Friends of All Saints Verein – IBAN: DE15 3706 0193 6001 6690 18 BIC: GENODED1PAX, Pax-Bank eG

Friends of All Saints Executive Board: Prof. Michael Burda, PhD - Mike Hoth - Jost Rückeis - Johannes Ploog - Eddie McGreal; counsellor for the board: Howard Eyth