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  • On entering, people are registered. Unknown people are asked to leave their contact information.corona 4887017 640
  • By the entrance and in the sacristy hand disinfectants are provided.
  • Please, respect the distance rule and use only the marked seats. People from one household may sit together.
  • Communal singing is not allowed.
  • Since handing the collection plates from one person to the next is forbidden, we ask you to give your donation on leaving the church.
  • Please, respect the distance rule also on leaving the church and use your face masks.

We wish you a blessed week!

On 17th May 2020 Fr. Wolfgang Schonecke presided his last Eucharist at All Saints. We are deeply sorry that he has to leave Berlin and move to Cologne since his order White Fathers (Missionaries of Africa) has got new assignments for him there.

We would like to thank Fr. Wolfgang for all his commitment he has shown in All Saints for (for us joyous wink) years and wish him all the best for his new tasks in Cologne. Find below some photos of his Farewell - special thanks to Thomas Schmidt for providing them.


Mass can be celebrated again! However, only 50 people (not counting the people around the altar) can attend, we are to keep 1,5m distance from each other (except family members) and should bring a face mask. No books are to be distributed.

To facilitate planning, we ask you to let us know whether you (and how many family members) plan to attend Holy Mass.

Please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. (Please click on the link.) We will send you a confirmation.

Thank you for your cooperation!

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