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bbq 36427 1280Are you and the family up to a community event to help celebrate the ending of health restrictions on groups gathering?

If so then you should know about our tentative plans to hold our All Saints Community Spring BBQ Potluck starting after Mass on May 30th.

Hamburgers, grilled meat and drinks will be provided. Please bring a hearty side dish, salad or dessert to share.

We will need volunteers to help set-up, serve and clean-up. Please sign-up to help in the Fellowship Hall after Mass today and in the coming weeks.

market 2071975 640Plans are being made to try and hold our traditional spring bazaar on May 8th. This is major fundraisers for our community but this year we must work within the restrictions imposed by health concerns.

To help us generate interest please tell your friends about this possibility to make some money while cleaning out the closets. For a little investment you can turn brass into gold!

The space for setting up a table costs €10 plus a donation of a cake or package of coffee. Space reservation with an email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Special help is needed on the 8th for setup (from 7 a.m. on) and cleanup (around 3 p.m.). During the bazaar we need volunteers to help at our coffee and cake-stand. To volunteer contact the office.

Now that it is clear that the Triduum celebrations will take place. Here is the plan for the English speaking Mission in Berlin:

Holy Thursday: (01.04.2021)

17:00-18:30    Cath. Academy livestream FROM ALL SAINTS - L. Penta

19:00              All Saints            D. Lenfers (chief celebrant) and D. Watun

19:00              St. Bernard's       S. Ajunwa

Good Friday (02.04.2021)

14:30              All Saints            S. Ajunwa - Way of the cross

15:00              All Saints            W. Felber - Passion celebration

19:00              Cath. Academy livestream FROM ALL SAINTS - L. Penta

Holy Saturday (03.04.2021)

21:00              St. Elisabeth       S. Ajunwa

Easter Sunday (04.04.2021)

10:00              All Saints            W. Felber

11:00              St. Bernard's       D. Lenfers

17:00              St. Bernard's       D. Watun

13:00              St. Elisabeth       S. Ajunwa

14:15              St. Ellisabeth      S. Ajunwa

16:30              Cath. Academy livestream FROM ALL SAINTS - L. Penta

Easter Monday (05.04.2021)

11:00              St. Bernard's       S. Ajunwa

Please take note that all celebrations must not exceed 60 minutes.

On Palm Sunday the third form of the Palm Sunday liturgy is recommended. That means the procession component is cancelled. The Palm Sunday celebration starts with simple entrance to the Altar like any other Sunday.