All Saints’ Coordinators handle all the administrative details of community life. All members of All Saints Community are cordially welcome to join in these activities. They are essential in maintaining our functioning both in a liturgical and social sense.

 Ministry  Coordinator
 All Saints Council Co-chairs  Konrad Giersdorf
 Treasurer  n.n.
 Altar Servers  Konrad Giersdorf
 Lectors  Johannes Ploog
 Bulletin  Jennifer Evans
 Website  Seán Alfken
 Eucharistic Ministers  Johannes Ploog
 Music / Choir  Johannes Wrembek
 Greeters  Jost Rueckeis
 Children's liturgy  n.n.
 Family Group  Konrad Giersdorf
 English-Speaking Mission Council     n.n.
 Scouts  Tony Luther