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   May 2019 – June 2019

May 5th 2019

Karen Castellón

May 12th 2019

Matthias Waliszewski

May 19h 2019

Tom FitzPatrick

May 26th 2019

Eddie McGreal

June 2nd 2019

Brendan FitzPatrick

June 9th 2019

Rachel Ruckeis

June 16th 2019

Johannes Ploog

June 23rd 2019

Jennifer Evans

June 30th 2019

Eric Bertrand


Instruction for Lectors

The lector, who is scheduled to read, should be at the Church twenty (20) minutes before the start of Mass and let the celebrant know that he/she is there.  Also allow sufficient time to pre-read the readings and note any special intentions for the Prayers of the Faithful.

If you can't serve as lector on the date you are scheduled please contact another lector by referring to the lector telephone list below and try to arrange for another lector to serve in your place.  If you should, at the last minute, be unable to serve then please call the Church (Tel. 8620-3636) at least thirty (30) minutes before Mass and inform the celebrant so that he can find a substitute.  It is also necessary that the lector check the microphone a few minutes before Mass to make sure that it is working.  All announcements by members of the congregation must be given to the lector prior to Mass to be sure they are appropriate (if in doubt, check with the celebrant). Members must come to the microphone to make announcements.