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The All Saints Catholic Community and the ecumenical American Church of Berlin are joining forces to create an English-speaking interfaith youth group! We will meet monthly at both locations and/or off-site to learn about and to appreciate the cultural and religious diversity around us with the goal of promoting interfaith dialogue. We will also be joining forces with the Jewish and Muslim communities and will include events celebrating both faiths and cultures.

So what is L.I.F.T?
Our Mission Statement: We believe that by bringing together young people of different religious and moral traditions in a social environment for service and dialogue around shared values, we can build a stronger community through understanding, acceptance, and appreciation for our individual, cultural, and religious diversity and build interfaith bridges to lift up God's plan for global peace. Age Groups: LIFT Teens: 7th-12th Grades, LIFT In-Betweeners: 4th-6th Grades & LIFT Kids: 1st-3rd Grades.



LIFT Teens (7th-12th grades) & In-Betweeners (4th-6th grades):
GHANA - West African Music & Drums!
Saturday, October 18th from 7 pm to 10 pm at All Saints Catholic Community on Huettenweg 46, 14195 Berlin
Did you know that over 40 languages and 70 different dialects are spoken in Ghana? The Akan languages of Twi, Ashanti and Fante are the most common. Come learn more about Ghana! Come try your hand on the Djembe drum! There will be drumming, music and dance. Bring a friend! RSVP by October 10th.

LIFT Kids (1st-3rd grades) & In-Betweeners (4th-6th grades):
Halloween Movie and Craft Night
Saturday, October 25th from 6 pm to 9 pm at All Saints Catholic Community on Huettenweg 46, 14195 Berlin
Halloween is around the corner! In preparation, we will be watching “Caspar the Friendly Ghost,” decorating cookies and making a Halloween craft. Please bring an empty glass jar and/or bring your own pumpkin for carving. It's a guaranteed spooktacular time! RSVP by October 15th.
If you have any questions or would like to help out, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would appreciate the help! Please do not forget to RSVP to Vanessa Hansen for the October events so we can plan accordingly to age groups.

On behalf of interfaith dialogue,

Vanessa Hansen – All Saints Catholic Community
Lili Mochmann and Karin von Rosen – American Church of Berlin