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I wish that all children will go to school with joy and without fear; that they experience care, that they are strengthened and encouraged.

I wish that there will be enough teachers and educators so that each child can be seen and appreciated – especially the quiet and shy ones in the class rooms.
In this way bullying can be stopped.

I wish that there be teachers who teach their students all that is important in life, that they support and help their students when they have problems or when they confronted with a seemingly hopeless situation.
In this way the students can come to understand that social skills are more valuable than a good grade in math.

I wish that students learn to understand the interdependence that exists in our world, and that they enjoy to work out a topic with different methods themselves.
In this way they remain curious and hungry for 'more'.

I wish for adults who enjoy working at school, who can have fun together with the children and who see how much potential is in every child.
In this way each child can develop his or her talents and inclusion becomes obvious.

I wish for schoolmates who care about those who attend their first class this year and who are already deeply curious about it.
Schoolmates who are looking forward with them for all the new things that will come.
Schoolmates who help them to manage their new environment and who comfort them if not everything succeeds immediately.

Cardinal Woelki