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We invite you to join us for Holy Mass on Sundays at 10 am afterwards with our lively coffee hour in our community hall.

The All Saints Catholic Community is a fully integrated, multicultural community with English as its unifying language. It is an open, warm, welcoming, inclusive community that prays together and celebrates its unity in diversity. Our congregation is composed of faithful people committed to worship in English in Germany’s capital. We welcome new Eucharistic ministers, servers, lectors, hospitality providers, greeters, choir members – those who make our religious life active and colorful and our worship fitting to its purpose. Our community is based on the principle that we, the community, willingly take on responsibilities of funding our community and supporting our Celebrants.


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Situated in one of Berlin’s most picturesque districts, Dahlem, our facility includes a modern church, a Blessed Sacrament Chapel, offices, meeting rooms, a community hall with a kitchen and outdoor facilities where many of our social events take place, weather permitting. We are a member of the English-speaking Mission of the Archdiocese Berlin-Brandenburg whose members include St. Bernhard, St. Elisabeth, St. Judas Thaddäus and the Filipino Community at the Heilig Geist Church. The Rector Ecclesiae of the English-speaking Mission is Father Sylvester Ajunwa.

All Saints is as well a member of the pastoral area Southwest Don Bosco as an extra-territorial community since our connection to the John F. Kennedy School Berlin for decades.

We look forward to meeting you at All Saints Catholic Community.