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The Senate Administration of Berlin have announced all gatherings over 50 people to be cancelled until further notice. This includes all celebrations of the Eucharist among our diocese, and so at All Saints as well.

The suspension of celebrations of the Eucharist and other activities might be a loss for you. Here are some links of spiritual online services:

Best wishes to all of you!

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   Please read the letter from Fr. Sylvester about how to deal with viruses in these times.

These also effect the way of celebration the Eucharist.

UPDATE: See here the latest Archdiocesan directives on Coronavirus


altar serverSpring registration has begun for new Altar Servers. Whether you are brand new or coming from a parish where you were an experienced server please join our group.

Interested? Fill out a volunteer form (in the information rack outside the office) and drop it in our mailbox or give it to someone in the office. The date of training will be announced shortly.