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Jesus Christ calls on his disciples to be vigilant.

In Advent we prepare for his arrival

and take care of people

who particularly need our company and support.

We want to pay close attention to them.


We pray for the families, the young and the old,

who open their hearts to one another in Advent

and for the people they meet.

For this we pray: Lord hear our prayer

For the many people who are sick with Covid19;

for those suffering from the harshness of lockdown;

for the workers in clinics, nursing homes and health authorities,

who go to the limits of their resilience in action for those in need.

For this we pray: Lord hear our prayer

We pray for all people who are fleeing war and persecution

risk their lives

for all who drowned in the Mediterranean and the Atlantic;

for the men, women and children in the camps,

who hope for a peaceful and secure future.

For this we pray: Lord hear our prayer

We pray for the people who have suffered sexual violence

in families, in church or elsewhere;

for those who respectfully listen to those affected;

and for everyone who advocates transparency and investigation of crimes.

For this we pray: Lord hear our prayer

For those who have died from the pandemic and all the dead,

for their families and all who mourn them;

for everyone who is afraid of the loneliness during Advent

and hope for attention.

For this we pray: Lord hear our prayer

We pray for the people on the fringes of our society

who lack a roof over their heads and a hot meal;

for those who want their home

lost due to tropical storms or other natural disasters.

For this we pray: Lord hear our prayer


Closing prayer:

Lord, we don't know the day and hour when you are coming;

let's not freeze in fear of the many problems

but recognize the signs of the times with your help

and act lovingly, now in Advent and always. Amen.

Cf:  -- Fürbitten zum 1. Advent

Dear Friends of the All Saints Catholic community,

On Sunday, the Advent season begins and Christmas is just four weeks away.
Because of the restrictions on the number of people gathering, we need to plan who wants to attend Holy Mass and when.

In All Saints on Hüttenweg there will be three Holy Masses at Christmas:

    1.    Christmas Eve, Thursday, Dec 24, at 8:30 p.m.
    2.    Christmas Eve, Thursday, Dec 24, at 10 p.m.
    3.    Christmas Day, Friday, Dec 25, at 10 a.m.
The mass on Christmass Day will especially address children, since we cannot offer a Christmas pageant this year.

Please register until Sunday, Dec.20, for Christmas with name, address and phone number and the number of people coming with you for the desired day and time by replying to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

We wish you a peaceful Advent season!

Kind regards,

Heide Doblhofer
Friends of All Saints e.V.

Facing still restrictions on gatherings and singing in public we thought you might want to have a collection of Advent songs published by OCP (the publisher of our hymnal Glory and Praise). Thankfully, OCP set up a song list on youtube, so everybody is able to listen to and sing along some songs.


Wishing you a peaceful Advent season.

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