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Corporate Prayer of Confession

Lord of power and compassion, we are so overwhelmed in these times with fears.

We fear that we will not have enough of whatever we need to survive.

We fear the anger and hostility that abides in the world, in our own country, in our own neighborhoods.

All around us is anxiety about living.

And we draw into ourselves as a response to the needs.

We want someone else to take care of those in need.

We want someone else to fight our battles for us.

We want someone else to stop the darkness.

We feel as though we are drowning in the depth of despair.

But you, O Lord, are the bright light, the power to heal, the reassuring hand of comfort and strength.

You offer to us healing love, strength for our exhausted souls, courage to face whatever comes, with the full confidence that you are with us in all these times.

Forgive our weakness and our little faith.

Give us hearts of strength and hope.

Enable us to be among those who would reach out to others with welcome, healing, forgiveness, and love.

For we ask this in Jesus’ Name.


Pastoral Prayer

Life swirls around us, O Lord.

So many things are happening in our lives, in our neighborhoods, in our country, in your world.

We can be so easily distracted and overwhelmed by the needs and difficulties.

Remind us again that you are with us, offering compassion, strength, courage, hope.

Help us to place total trust in you as we offer our prayers for healing, comfort, and hope this day.

Place your healing hand on our hearts and spirits and encourage us to rise and be strong in hope for the needs of others.

Enable us to be partners in ministries of peace and justice in this world of darkness.

Bring your light and power to us, for we pray in Christ’s Name.